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As a classical fighting art in Japan, Ju Jitsu can be defined as: 'a method of close combat, either unarmed or employing weapons, that can be used in defensive or offensive ways, to subdue one or more unarmed or armed opponents'. A simple translation of the two Japanese characters is Ju: gentleness, suppleness, flexibility, yielding; and Jutsu: (often spelt and pronounced jitsu) art, technique, or skill.
In more modern times since the late 1800s and early 1900s and with the introduction of Ju Jitsu to the Western World the focus shifted towards emphasizing Ju Jitsu as a gentle art, a system of self defence, and a system of physical education. Notable forms of endeavour that developed from Ju Jitsu during these times include both Judo and Aikido. 
Ju jitsu around the world is practised by all ages from children to seniors both men and women. Ju Jitsu truly can be a lifelong activity. 
Today there are commonly three forms of Ju Jitsu from which you may choose to participate. 
  • Sport - Although Australia does not have a strong sporting platform for Ju Jitsu, there is a an opportunity for advanced students both individual and team competition at, national and world levels. Go Rin Pou focuses on the art and the self defence aspects but many of our students compete in Judo, Karate and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu) or Submission Grappling. ( We usually win ! ) 
  • Self Defence and Awareness - ideal for those seeking to develop their level of confidence and a basic knowledge and ability to protect themselves in today's society. 
  • The Total Martial Art - for the more serious participant, seeking grading and promotion. Your learning may include: skills in avoidance and evasive movement, throwing, striking, grappling, immobilization techniques, the application of submission holds, and the practice of both Ju Jitsu and weapon kata (sets of movements). Students of all ages are coached in etiquette, discipline, posture and the coordination of mind, body and spirtit. 
Ju Jitsu may also provide an appreciation of anatomy, physiology, human movement and health.
Ju Jitsu classes are for PCYC members aged 5 years and up at Redcliffe PCYC on Mondays at 7.00pm and Caboolture PCYC on Tuesdays at 6:00pm. PCYCs are closed on public holidays so call first to make sure the class is on.
  • Adults: $9.00
  • Children: $6.00

All Go Rin Pou instructors are accredited by the MAIA to teach both Ju Jitsu and Self Defence and are also qualified under NCAS Level I minimum.  

All instructors and assistant instructors have up to date Senior 1st Aid.  In addition, all instructors hold a current Blue Card for Working With Children.  Senior instructors also hold a Certificate III in Sports Coaching and some hold further qualifications in Training and Assessment & Security.

Go Rin Pou instructors are also members of the AJJA and WJJF associations and strictly adhere to the MAIA Code of Conduct and MAIA Child Protection Policy.  Go Rin Pou is insured by Lloyds of London

for information about Go Rin Pou Ju Jitsu  go to www.gorinpou.com.au

Ju Jitsu - The invisible weapon you carry with you always.

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