Redcliffe Police-Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) provide a Trampoline program to the youth of Redcliffe. The Trampolining program focuses on the development of a combination of trampoline and tumbling skills using a variety of trampoline and gymnastics equipment.

Recreational and Squad level training is available. The Redcliffe PCYC Squad also attend local state and national competitions with a high success rate.

Trampoline Benefits

Trampoline is a fun activity that fitness faster than  any other activity, providing the following benefits:

  • Develops spacial awarness, a critical skill in all sports
  • Fun activity that disguises the amount of energy being expended!
  • Genuine fitness benefits including cardiovascular health, leg and core strength, calorie burning & weight loss.
  • Gravity pull during jumping compresses body cells, helping the lymph and circulatory systems to eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved co-ordination

Who can participate in Trampolining?

The trampoline program is available to PCYC Members from the ages of 6 years to 17 years.  Our program divided into three levels – Entry, Intermediate and Advanced.

Class Times

Classes run Monday to Saturday during the Queensland School Terms. 

Class Days
Entry Level Class (6 years to 8 years) Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
Entry Level Class (9 years to 14 years) Tuesday, Wednesday. Friday, Saturday
Intermediate (Invitation Only) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Advanced (Invitation Only) Tuesday, Thursday


  • Annual Gymnastics Queensland Affiliation Fee $35*
  • Entry Level Class (1 hour): $110* per term per child (4 terms per year)
  • Intermediate & Advanced Class: Depends upon number of hours training.

*Terms and Conditions apply. For full terms & conditions go to Plus Annual PCYC Membership (Adults $30.00* plus $10.00 building levy, Child (Under 18 years) $20.00* plus $10.00 building levy, Family $60.00* plus $25.00 building levy, Seniors $6.00* plus $10.00 building levy).
Minimum f
ull price per child for the first term is $175 and then $110 per term thereafter. 

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